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We are New Hampshire’s newest focus-driven outpatient
treatment provider for substance use disorders.

Kathy Ireland Recover Center

Who We Are

kathy ireland® Recovery Centers’ Laconia, NH location is a substance use disorder outpatient treatment program. Our client-centered approach to treating addiction brings supportive compassion and care to inspire you to live life with hope and direction. kathy ireland® Recovery Centers is committed to giving you quality treatment that we believe everyone deserves. We provide outstanding care and services in an ideal environment and an expert clinical team to continue your healing process.

How We
Are Dedicated
To Your Care

Kathy Ireland Recover Center

The goal of our client care facility is to meet all the needs of those seeking an outpatient location to begin or continue their healing process. The Laconia, NH outpatient facility provides a safe and comfortable environment that is free from distractions and driven by a team of expert clinicians. We believe in enthusiastically supporting our clients that have either transitioned from a residential program or are seeking outpatient services while working or at home. Our facility provides solutions and support for your recovery needs for outpatient care.

Kathy Ireland Recover Center

How kathy ireland® Recovery Centers Makes The Difference

The foundation of our program is providing a place that supports transforming your life and providing hope for a new life in recovery. We understand that if you have the tools and resources available, you can transform your life. We want to give you hope, knowledge, and the skills to re-balance your life in a unique way to help you along the healing process. Our quality care model allows our team to be by your side and guide you through your recovery process. We offer accessible treatment utilizing an integrative model combining traditional therapeutic modalities along with experiential and mindfulness-based practices. We offer Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient (OP) care options, all to ensure you get the right treatment to meet your needs.

Why Choose kathy ireland® Recovery Centers for An Outpatient Treatment Service?

The steps and goals on the recovery path are more than overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. We believe in your total wellness and success. While you are with us and in our care, you will have access to a large range of services and offerings that will help you with your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The support we give is well beyond expectations, as we will continue to support you after you finish your treatment. Your life will take you down unexpected paths, and we want to be there whenever you need us. You will receive unlimited and continuous care and support from our team, all while staying connected with our network and resources to maintain your new life in recovery.

Kathy Ireland Recover Center
Kathy Ireland Recover Center

Support And Healing For Everyone

We are more than the average client-centered treatment program. We care about your life and the life of those around you. kathy ireland® Recovery Centers wants you to have long-term recovery and access to our strong support network. Whether you are looking for individualized counseling, medication management, or group counseling, we will work closely with you and your loved ones to help you heal. We also offer family support and therapy services because we know that if the family is involved in the recovery process, they too can maintain a healthier life with compassionate respect throughout your
recovery process.

kathy ireland® Recovery Centers’ Client Care Approach

With a compassionate and professional team, our Laconia, NH outpatient program is a clinical treatment facility that supports self-independence and long-term care for recovery from substance use disorders. Our clients engage and have access to every resource and tool to inspire and guide them on a healthier path in life. We know the value of accountability and that the true meaning of recovery is to become the person you want to be. We have continued care and support with a relatable and hopeful approach. We believe in the power of purpose, and we know that with the right team by your side, your life will forever change sincerely with hope, direction, and meaning.

Kathy Ireland Recover Center

Are You Ready To Forever Change Your Life With Compassionate Care?

We are dedicated to providing care with education and inspiration in a focused environment that is comfortable for your recovery needs. You will receive effective services that are personalized and individualized to help you achieve long-term success in a sober life. We have faith that our treatment programs and professional team will help you transition and improve your quality of life. We want you to have self-independence and a community that you can rely on now and in the future.

If you are ready to change your life and are looking for outpatient treatment

Then contact kathy ireland® Recovery Centers Laconia, NH location now.